Ever since I was introduced to the simplest kinds of problem solving or engaged with the visual development of art, I have had a drive to create. I find myself frequently evaluating ways to improve creative thought when it comes to solving dilemmas that challenge me in my work.

After studying design and art at the University of Alberta for a year, I applied to Langara College looking to gain knowledge in the digital print and publishing world. I quickly immersed myself in my classes and enjoyed everything the Digital and Print Publishing program had to offer. My time in the program has given me a versatile understanding of the concepts and skills needed to create or alter documents to a higher standard. I have a strong apprehension about the applications needed to create industry level work while having the technical knowledge to back it up. I plan on following a career path in which I can apply the knowledge I have has learned and continue to create through my experiences.


I am proficient when it comes to understanding how to operate software skills, such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge, Acrobat, HTML, CSS, and WordPress. My technical skills consist of graphic design, typography, layout design, photo editing, print and digital production, and web design.


Digital and Print Publishing Diploma
Langara College — Vancouver, BC
September, 2019 – August, 2020
Received honor achievement in fall and spring semester.

Bachelor of Arts
University of Alberta — Edmonton, Alberta
September, 2018 – April, 2019